I am still trying to prove to my colleagues that Archaic is a threat to the public and could be a danger to the asylum -J. Youn

Courtyard, Day 3: In courtyard subject had another intriguing conversation

Corey: Uh excuse. I'm wondering if you guys would happen to now anything that might help me here.

Corey: Fine, here's some bread. Now, fess up.

Corey: I never knew that about Dr. Young. What about Dr. Kellercolt?

Corey: He actually takes bribes? What type does he take?

Corey: Stone statues? How interesting. Here's some extra bread for the road.

Corey: Before I forget, tell me more later and there will be some good sweets for you.


I had a talk with Dr. Kellercolt after this. Somehow, Corey knew since Stephen admitted to it but never told Corey about it. I am starting to wonder if Corey can really talk to animals? No, no, I'm just scaring myself now. Will continue observations.

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