Doctor Whooves is an animated pre-teen MLP series created by Abigail Sue. It has three animated television specials and 44 full-length episodes.

TV Specials

  1. Who's Whooves? (October 31 2010)
  2. Dinky's Hunt (February 12 2011)
  3. The Doctor's Mission (January 1 2012)


  1. Derpy and her Eyes (November 7 2010) - Derpy Hooves gets laughed at because of her eyes.
  2. Raindrops el Pegaso (Nevember 8 2010) - Raindrops gets cursed into speaking Spanish.
  3. When the Tardis Leaves (November 9 2010) - Doctor Whooves' wife Derpy leaves with his tardis.
  4. The Doctor Saves the Derp (November 10 2010) - Derpy's hair gets bitten by the chainchomp and the annoying creature keeps holding on.

Derpy the Mailmare

Derpy the Mailmare is a 15-minute live-action segment that comes before the credits.

  1. Muffins (Derpy and her Eyes) - Derpy Hooves has strawberry muffins for breakfast.
  2. Animals (Raindrops el Pegaso) - Derpy explores the many animal names-dogs, cats, horses, and many more.
  3. Cupcakes (When the Tardis Leaves) - Derpy's muffin gets turned into a cupcake ironically.
  4. Fruits (The Doctor Saves the Derp) - Derpy eats muffins with fruits and berries in them.
  5. Veggies (Doctor Whooves' Dancin' Party) - Derpy eats muffins with vegetables in them.
  6. Dolphins (Ten Buckets o' Oats) - Derpy Hooves goes underwater and finds three fat, ugly beluga whales (which she mistakes for dorsal fin-less white short-snouted dolphins).
  7. Numbers (Drinkin' in a Cup) - Derpy realizes numbers don't end.