Feel free to lay out any ideas you wish if you don't want to write out an entire episode. Just please no using of inappropriate language,okay.

I bear you no ill will

Flutter shy goes nuts trying to take care of her sick friends and leaves a bear in charge of her house when she is gone

Equestria Ponies

Missing Twilight way to much the Mane 5's human counter parts and Sunset Shimmer find a way to trigger the magic mirror and enter Equestria but in doing so the mirror cracks and Twilight must keep Sunset Shimmer and the counterparts as far away from the real ponies. Most importantly away from Celestia who now holds a grudge against Sunset Shimmer.(1hour episode)

One down,Two to go

Babs Seed introduces the newest members of the CMC who turn out to be Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's cousins,Rolla Blade and Honey Tinkler. However they realize that they are even meaner than Babs Seed pretended to be. And this tine it is NOT because of being teased.

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