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Sequel to Sunset Killer

Fluttershy was walking around in her cottage. "Too bad Rainbow Dash is an Earth pony now. I guess I will make her a gift", Fluttershy said. Derpy walked in."Fluttershy! I have a surprise for you!" As she bump her on the head. One hour later Fluttershy woke up. She was tied up, along with Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Spike. Fluttershy yelled "Get us out of here, you bitch!". Derpy step in. "You killed my friend, so I am going to kill you" Derpy said,fixing her eyes. "I will get you out if you out if, you shut the fuck up"! Derpy finish her words. She grabbed the same knife sunset shimmer had. She walked over to Rainbow Dash. She lifted the knife up and stabbed her. Blood leaked out. Fluttershy started puking because she cut off her toungue. Her toungue got covered in blood, splattering around and puke. She wrapped it up and put it in Applejack's mouth. She held it in as Applejack tried to refuse to not swallow it, but she had no choice. Fluttershy puked some more. She walked over to Applejack and grabbed a big,rusty knife. She started on her throat. Her knife got cut off to Applejack's head. Fluttershy yelled "STOP!". Derpy said "Ok.". She went behind a curtain and pulled it . She had tied up the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Fluttershy started crying uncontrollably. Pinkie Pie started crying too. Soon Fluttershy looked at Pinkie Pie.Her hair had gone flat and she looked angry.This was unusual behavior for Pinkie Pie.She chewed at her rope. She broke free. Derpy was surprised. Pinkie grabbed a bigger knife than Derpy's. She ran at her. Derpy dropped her knife. "Stop Pinkie!". Pinkie said "My name is Pinkamena!" She stabbed Derpy. After she seen the dead bodies she was surprised. Only her,Spike and Fluttershy. They left the house.Pinkie made up a joke.Pinkie was back to normal. When Fluttershy left another Pegasus captured her.She screamed.They turned around.

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