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Rainbow dash headed into pinkie's house, since she wanted to spend time with Her. Also, quite frankly, she was concerned she hadn't seen pinkie pie For so long, she should have been able to find here already. "Pinkie pie?" She called out, anxiety in her voice. "Pinkie?" Then rainbow dash realized she could hear the sound of some pony Crying.... And it sound a lot like.... Pinkie? Rainbow dash ran towards the sound of crying, hoping she could comfort Pinkie pie. Soon, rainbow dash could see pinkie pie sobbing, her color scheme duller than Usual and her usually poofy hair completely flat. Rainbow dash opened her mouth to ask what was wrong, but pinkie whirled around, Staring at her... Almost hungrily. Rainbow quickly dismissed the that idea, She saw pinkie suddenly jump to her hoofs, and cry out in desperation "Dashie! Get away from me! I ate... Get away from me!" And pinkie started running, tears flowing down her face. Rainbow dash stretched out her wings, ready to pursue her pinkie and get to the bottom of this.

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