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I really didn't173.85.182.110

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I'm not sure how it happened, but happen it did. I probably should back up: my name is twilight sparkle, the element of magic in Addition to being royalty. I have also fallen in love with the worst possible Pony... Except for falling for my brother, that would be even worse! The problem? She's married... Her name is cadence, she's a princess... Er... What should I say now? Um... Talk about when I first noticed? Yes, good idea... I'm not sure Of the exact time, but a few months ago I realized I was having weird thoughts and feelings about her, and soon afterwards I realized what they Meant... I was pretty freaked out at first, I tried to ignore it, guess what? It didn't work- though as smart as I am, I should have known that would fail. I have currently decided I would have to deal with it, though I'm concerned That will not work In the long term.... I didn't want this... At all

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