The Lightning Ponies are Pegasus Ponies who have lightning-painted colors.


  • Blue Storm-A bright blue pony with a yellow mane and purple eyes. Her cutie mark is three umbrellas. Shares her design with Fluttershy and Puffycake.
  • Rainy Quartz-Same color scheme and cutie mark as Lightning Dash @2. Shares her design with Appletwirl, only without a horn. Voiced by Milly Shosh.
  • Hair Light-Shares his hair color and hair design with Puffycake and hair design with Fluttershy. He is yellow with green eyes. His cutie mark is a cloud raining. Voiced by Robbie Cane.
  • Lightning Striker-A filly with the same design and eye color with filly Lightning Dash. She has a light purple coat and an orange mane. Has no cutie mark.
  • Roman-A colt with the same color scheme as Pinkie Pie. His cutie mark is a purple umbrella. He shares his design with filly Applejack. Voiced by Kane Arluck.
  • Waterelectric-Resembles Hair Light, only with blue eyes and his cutie mark is a cloud that isn't raining.

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