Millennia: Beginning is a FIMFiction dark-slice of life military story written by Thunderblast. It diverges from the well-known Solar Empire vs. New Lunar Republic idea and is commonly mistaken to be about that subject.

The story was released on March 14th, 2015 and was completed on April 2nd, 2016.


Millennia is set around a young pegasus looking to become a soldier in the New Lunar Marines. Along the way, he meets new ponies he is, for once, happy to call his friends.


Star Shooter - A dark blue pegasus looking to become a proud member of the New Lunar Marines.

The main protagonist of the story. It is written from his point of view. In the story, he says a few times that he is 19 years old when the story was set.

Solar Wave - A young yellow unicorn looking to redeem himself as a tougher pony than his parents believe he is.

A supporting character of the story. He is skittish during basic training but eventually snapped later in the story.

Silver Edge - A slightly older beige unicorn Star met in a mess hall and eventually they grew a bond together.

He is another supporting character in the story.

Anchorage - A veteran in the New Lunar Navy and one of Silver's good friends. He is a white pegasus and has a bit of a coastal accent and it doesn't take much to tick him off.

He is another supporting character.

Ashfall - A veteran in the New Lunar Marines and Anchorage's good friend as well as Silver's. He is a muscular green earth pony and the true definition of a soldier.

He is another supporting character in the story.

Shadow - The commanding officer of the Eclipse, the aircraft carrier in which Star Shooter is stationed on during deployment, as well as Star's friend from before he enlisted. He is a laid back stallion to those who are nice to him and them only.

Shadow is another supporting character.


  • Millennia is unofficially the first story written by this author in first-person POV.
  • The story is set in an alternate universe where most modern technology exists.
    • It is also set outside of the Lunarverse, and instead of being at war, Celestia's side of the military works together with the New Lunar Republic, despite them still being internally rivaled like the real life military branches.

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