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Pink Persian Parody Production is an animated short featuring Princess Luna. It was released on August 12 2013.


Sparkling Dash: My, Luna, how your hair has changed!

Princess Luna: Yep, I styled it good, didn't I?

Sparkling Dash: Yes, you did. Don't you agree, Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: Oh yes, yes, yes.

Sparkling Dash: It looks like a Persian hair style. I'll call that Pink Persian Parody Production.

Persian cat: Meow!

Fluttershy: I wasn't talking about the Persian cat. I was talking about the hair style.

Persian cat: [walks away]

Princess Luna: I love that special hair. [pushes back her mane] You like it, don't you?

Fluttershy and Sparkling Dash: YES! [high-hoof]


  • Marley Merlon (Princess Luna)
  • Bailey Borlika (Fluttershy, Sparkling Dash)

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