A scene in the theme song.

Princess Runi was a Japanese anime series created by Chi Tukoko.


Season 1 (2011-2013)

  1. DUN DUN DUNNNN (February 14 2011) - Runi gets upset about Twilight Sparkle losing her hat.
  2. Who's Better? (April 10 2011) - Runi and Twilight Sparkle have a battle to decide who's better.
  3. Cheesy Breath (June 2 2011) - When Runi eats 3 pieces of cheddar cheese, she can't get rid of her breath that smells like cheese.
  4. The Forest (August 9 2011) - Runi has to go camping in a deep forest and she gets scared.
  5. Squid Steak (October 30 2011) - Runi feels weird about eating squids, but afterwards, she finds them delicious.
  6. Flowers (December 25 2011) - Runi and Twilight think weddings cost money, so they use flowers from their garden to make bouquets.
  7. The Cutie Mark Quest (January 1 2012) - When Princess Runi loses her Cutie Mark (three smiling stars), she must find a way to bring it back.
  8. Swimmin' in the Pool (March 31 2012) - Princess Runi swims in a cold pool.
  9. The Unexpected Monster (May 4 2012) - A pink shark with blue eyes tries to destroy Ponyville.
  10. The Flimflam (July 8 2012) - Twilight Sparkle tries to cheat on Runi's test.
  11. Evil Elephants (September 22 2012) - Elyse/Eero, Eisaku, and Emi are three evil elephants.
  12. Little Pinch of Water (November 6 2012) - Hideyoshi, a hummingbird who needs Runi and Twilight's help, can't suck her water.
  13. It's a Whale! (February 7 2013) - Runi and Twilight see a beluga whale beached upside down, and they must push it back in.
  14. It All Ends (April 23 2013) - Runi and Twilight get sad about their friends' deaths by the return of the Evil Elephants.


  • Dolly Aji as Princess Runi, an Alicorn who is the main protagonist (voiced by Ami Ika in Japanese).
  • Kat Mertins as Twilight Sparkle, the deuteragonist and the only character who appears in the real show (voiced by Chita Tuu in Japanese).
  • Barney Geelor as the Unexpected Monster, a pink shark with blue eyes (voiced by Chibo Ei in Japanese) and Elyse, the leader of the Evil Elephants (voiced by Shinta Freka in Japanese).
  • Rob Raila as Eisaku, Eero's assistant (voiced by Chibo Ei in Japanese).
  • Shelly Wenta as Emi, an Evil Elephant (voiced by Akiko Niko in Japanese) and the whale, a beluga whale (sounds).
  • Samantha Williams as Hideyoshi, a shy and curious hummingbird introduced in Little Pinch of Water (voiced by Chita Tuu in Japanese).

Blizzard Ice and Heart Dancer make a cameo in most episodes. They are sometimes seen together. Art Sketcher appears as a cameo in one shot of Flowers.

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