Puffycake in December 7 2013, her 15th birthday.

Puffycake is Fluttershy's long lost sister. She is friends with everyone, and is voiced by 'Silly Sal' Walker. Her voice is similar to Fluttershy, only it is a tiny bit louder and more of a British accent.

Puffycake was first introduced in "My Long Lost Sister". She was sent from the future to Ponyville. She was tossed in a bag through a magic portal. When Princess Celestia welcomed her, she saw how similar Puffycake was to Fluttershy. Princess Celestia then told her if she was Fluttershy's long-lost sister. Puffy replied that she was. After Celestia knew it, she called Fluttershy to come immediately. When Fluttershy saw Puffycake, They hugged with happiness.

Personality and traits

Puffycake is very kind, sweet, and loyal. She is very loyal to Princess Celestia, and is very sweet to Fluttershy. She is shown being kind to Twilight Sparkle by helping her carry her books in "My Long Lost Sister".


Puffycake looks almost like Fluttershy. Her body and mane is the same as Fluttershy's, but instead with pink skin, purple, pink and dark blue streaks like Twilight Sparkle, and pink eyes.



Fluttershy, are you quite alright? (My Long Lost Sister)

Hi, I'm Puffycake, and this is my friend-er-long-lost sister, Fluttershy. (Saying to Pinkie Pie in My Long Lost Sister)

Oh, Fluttershy, HIDE ME FROM DISCOOOOORD! (Elements of Harmony vs. Elements of Evil Part 1)

RAWR! I AM GOING TO EAT MY LONG-LOST SISTER! (Elements of Harmony vs. Elements of Evil Part 2)