The Spa Ponies are stylist ponies who get to work on cleaning.

Main Spa Ponies

  • Lotus Blossom is the only Spa Pony who speaks.
  • Her sister, Aloe, doesn't speak, but gives ponies a good wash.

Background Spa ponies

  • Quake is a pony who appears in Green Isn't Your Color.
  • Vera's mane got ruined in The Show Stoppers.
  • Roxie appears in A Friend In Deed.
  • There are five Crystal Empire Spa Ponies seen in Games Ponies Play.
    • Dandy Brush is purple with a lavender mane.
    • Golden Glitter is all gold.
    • Honey Tone is pink with a lavender with a yellow mane.
    • Honeycomb is white with a green and pink mane.
    • Rose Quartz is pink with white hair.

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