For the reprise of this song, see Yes, My Own Business! (reprise).

Yes, My Own Business! is a song featured in Elements of Harmony vs. Elements of Evil Part 1.


(Spoken) Yes, MY own business. (Singing) Yeah, I'm the god of chaos!

[Nightmare Moon]

(Spoken) Ha, chaos! (Singing) Well, I don't STAND chaos! I prefer night, night, night!

[Queen Chrysalis]

(Spoken) Well, Dissy dear... (Singing) Puffycake is mine, all mine! (Spoken) Hit it, Changelings!


*an army of Changelings passes by, playing drums* Nightmare Moon and Discord and Queen Chrysalis, too! They are here to get rid of you!

[Nightmare Moon]

Those siblings are mine!

[Queen Chrysalis]

And mine!



[Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, and Discord]

And...MIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE! *all of them laugh evily*

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